Our virtual teamgame is developed to be played by even 1000 participants in the same time. The mission is to solve a mysterious case as fast as possible. At the moment we provide 2 storylines: a shorter and easier one (90 minutes), and a longer and more difficult one (120 minutes). Two languages available right now: Hungarian, English.

Custom branding is provided free of charge above 200 participants.
The game is 100% interactive: teams of 4 cooperate and compete at the same time as they follow the carefully designed story line solving highly visual tasks and riddles. In order to find the required information, they need to scan crimescenes (in Google street view), analyze videos, solve logic mind- breakers. Your prefered voice/videocall platform can be used to keep in touch during the game (eg. Zoom, Teams, etc.)


We send a link, where you can upload all the teams with name and email address (teams of 2, 3 or 4). Players receive an email, with useful information about the game. We also reveal the names of the teammates.

Clicking the link we can enter to our virtual lobby, where all the teammates are joining.

You can contact each other on a preferred communication platform (eg. Teams, Zoom, Meets)

When everyone arrived, we show a briefing video about the mission, then the game is on. Teams have 1,5 hours (or 2 depending on the game) to solve the mission. They get closer to it step by step, answer to answer. If someone get stucked, there is always a chance ask for help (2 times per episode) and it is also possible to skip a question. You can get minus or plus points for your speed, the required helps, and this forms the live toplist.

The game is 100% automatic, no need for a host, though you can reach us on our technical hotline during your game.

The game can be played in the same time, but it is also possible to play it on different days. We suggest you to play in the same time, because it is more fun this way.


Why is it so special?

The past year was an extremely challenging time for many of us. Being isolated from each other for so long, human interactions have gained significant weight.

That is why we brought you a brand new, interactive multimedia experience that combines elements of real-life escape rooms, treasure hunts and online video games. This is an ultimate teambuilding adventure, that more than a 1000 people can play without leaving their rooms.

The goal of the game is to solve intricate mysteries and participate in a wild, online hunt with your teammates. Many aspects of the experience are customizable, such as branding or logo placements for larger teams. The gameplay is 100% automatic and the only thing you need is an internet connection!

This is probably simply the best on the market now!


Include your logo in the game for free! If you order a 200+ player game, your custom logo placement is included in our price!

For more information, contact us! :)


Price list

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