A brand new event activity, with the most skillful digital caricaturists in the country! A typical work can be completed in up to 5 minutes, and also printed and sent by e-mail. The drawing process can also be shared on a TV screen, so those who are waiting won't get bored either. 

Rent digital caricaturists for your event if you want to really impress your guests- this activity will always be remembered, that's for sure!



Works like this

A brand new event activity, with the most skillful digital caricaturists in the country.

One creation can be finished in up to 5 minutes, can be printed, branded, and also sent by e-mail. 

Our artists create in several styles, according to the theme of the specific event.

The drawing process can be shared onto a TV or a projector, providing spectacular entertainment for all guests! We can use on-site devices, but you can also rent our 50" LED TV with its exclusive wood stand. 

We can also export a 15 seconds long timelapse video, which can be shared in an Instagram story or any kind of social media too.

We can even create cartoons without event, just by using a photograph.


Works like this
Why special

Why special

This activity will be a huge success, it does not matter what kind of event you would like to put it in. A digital caricature is not just faster, but even more spectacular than a regular caricature! Thanks to the screen sharing option, all guests can see how the work is progressing. 

We can work just by using photographs, so the activity can function completely "contactless" too. 


Brand it

A previously discussed logo or frame will be added to the works.

We are happy to help you in making those too!


Brand it


Device space requirements:

A table/counter and two chairs/bar stools are required.

A moving digital cartoon can be requested but in that case, prior consultation is required.

Installation time:

Approx. 30 minutes, we usually arrive at the event an hour before it starts. 

Electricity demand:

The activity can work without electricity too, but in that case prior consultation is required. By default, we need at least one general wall plug.

How many can use in 1 hour:

Depending on the detail of the requested style, up to 10 caricatures can be made in one hour. But for the most popular version, it is usually around 6-8 pieces.

On-site regulations:

The above-mentioned table/counter and 2 chairs/bar stools.

In case there is not enough light on-site, please let us know in advance and we will be ready with lightning.

How guests will get the pictures?:

Images will be sent by e-mail/airdrop/QR code. If you would like to have physical photo printing too, then, of course, everyone will get a printed form right after they finished on site.

On request, it is also possible that we only record guest's e-mail addresses for their pictures. In that case, the customer will be able to send out the e-mails personally after the event.

Price list

Fill your name and e-mail address and we will send You our pricelist in 1 business day!



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