Can you handle heights? We will find out!

A complex VR experience where guests can experience what it feels like to walk on a 20 cm wide plank at 80 stories height. We also enhance the experience with fans.


After putting on the VR glasses, the player will find himself in an elevator that will take him up to the top floor of the skyscraper. The door will open and a gentle breeze will hit the player's face (our colleague turns on the fan), after that he can immediately see the New York skyline with a plank at front of his feet (a plank will actually be there in real life too) leading to infinity. Everybody will be shocked and even the bravest will have a second thought. Those who dare to go out at the end of the board and return from there can even go to the next level, where they can fly around the city using a "jetpack".

Our colleague supervises the activity and immediately intervenes if necessary.

The glasses are cleaned after each player.



A unique, complex VR experience that is guaranteed to leave an unforgettable memory for the guests. Thanks to the displayed image, not only the player, but also the spectators/waiters can be a part of the game.

After overcoming our fears of heights we can even participate in a competition, in which we can fly around the city on a designated track with the help of a "jetpack". This game is timed, so you can organize a tournament around it.

technical specifications

Activity space requirements:

2 x 3 meters.

Installation time:

Approx. 1 hour.

Electricity demand:

Simple wall connector (230V).

How many can use in 1 hour:

Approx 20 guest.

Available devices:

2 pieces.

On-site regulations:

Connector 10 meters nearby.

Provide LIGHT-BLOCKING tent if placed outside.


Price list

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