The SELFIE TOP SPINNER is a larger version of the Selfie Spinner, under which up to 8-10 people can fit. The device is used to create 15-second slow-motion video content, which is sent to guests' phones with music and a branded frame. The completed videos can even be displayed as a slideshow on a screen.



The SELFIE TOP SPINNER consists of a stand, a rotating motorized arm, a suitable light source and a high-resolution camera capable of 240 fps slow-motion. When the guests line up in the middle (1-10 people), at the press of a button, the camera starts going around and records for approximately 15 seconds. The program cuts the video together in seconds, speeds it up and slows it down, applies effects and filters to it, and of course the branding is also added to it.

The videos are immediately syncronized to an iPad, which works as a "sharing station". The videos are sent to the guests immediately by branded email, whatsapp, airdrop or by scanning a qr code.

We provide 1 or 2 personnel for the activity.



The Selfie Spinner has gained enormous popularity in the recent period, but it was not available for groups larger than 3-4 people due to the size of the platform. This is why the Selfie Top Spinner was born, which could even be called the big brother of the Selfie Spinner. Since the guests do not stand on a platform here, up to 10 people can fit under the 3-meter long "bridge".

In addition to the fact that the device is extremely spectacular, we can make unique videos with it, which the guests will definitely want to show to others.

The video can even be made in Instagram Story size, which will be sent to guests immediately in the form of a branded email (or by scanning a QR code / AirDrop). The video can even be accompanied by music or pre-roll or post-roll video.

We can even make a slideshow from the videos, which will immediately appear on a screen next to the activity, so guests can see in advance what to expect.


The Selfie Top Spinner can be spectacularly branded! The textile on the frame structure of the device and the textile on the semicircular cords can also be customized (7 working days)

A branded frame will be placed on the completed videos, and of course the text of the email can also be changed.

The completed videos can even be displayed as a slideshow on a display, which also adds to the overall picture due to the branded frame.



Device space requirements:

Width 4 x 3.5 meters. Height: 2.5 meters.

Activity space requirements:

4 x 4 meters, due to the moving arm for safety reasons.

Installation time:

About 2 hours. We typically arrive at the event 2-2.5 hours earlier.

Electricity demand:

Simple wall connector (230V, 200W) but it can also be operated with battery.

How many can use in 1 hour:

About 35-40 videos are made in an hour, one video can have up to 10 people.

Available devices:

1 piece.

On-site regulations:

We need a completely flat ground and a table for the funny accessories. Providing a cover or a tent in the case of an open space.


We are also equipped with cords and additional lights for safety.

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