SELFIE MACHINE takes professional photos, that guests can edit, share, and bring home also in a  printed version. 

It can be rented for events, company parties, and product presentations with branding that can be completely customized!

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Guests choose the accessories they like, pick up their favorite pose, then the machine will count down and take the perfect photo/gif/boomerang.

You can easily edit, send by e-mail or share your photos on Facebook using the 21"-inch touch-sensitive display. 

Your printed photo will be ready in 10 seconds and will be printed on 10x15 or 5x15 cm sized paper in perfect quality, using previously made and discussed design. 

The completed photos will be uploaded immediately to an online gallery and will be accessible for the client.

One animator always comes with the activity, who helps with photography throughout the event. 

 Why special

Why special

SelfieMachine is one of the biggest hits these times - definitely for a reason. Thanks to its single-lens reflex camera and professional studio flash, perfect photos will be taken regardless of lighting conditions. The finished photos can be printed out just in 10 seconds and in UNLIMITED NUMBERS. In addition to the photos, you can also make a gif, boomerang, or slo-mo video and you can even use greenbox, to take your photos in front of any background you desire. 

From our wide selection of accessories, every age group and every guest will find their favorite. Furthermore, we always try to adapt our set of accessories to the style of the specific event.

There are 20 different styles available for our 225x225 cm sized exclusive background wall.



Selfie Machine offers a wide range of branding varieties. You can place a unique logo or frame on your photos, and you can also customize the text of the e-mail. These changes won't mean any additional costs. 

If somebody desires more, we can also customize their toolset. A special 225x225 cm sized physical photo background can be made, which can be used in the future without any additional costs. If required, we are happy to help you with the production of custom foam board tools too! 



Device space requirements:

0,5 x 0,5 meters.

Activity space requirements:

2,5 x 2,5 meters (1,5 x 1,5 meters if needed).

Installation time:

Approx. 1 hour.

Electricity demand:

Simple wall connector (230 V, 200W).

Number of devices available right now:

3 pieces.

That's how much you can use in 1 hour:

Approx. 60-70 photos can be made. One photo can fit up to 10 people.

On-site regulations :

Provide cover or tent for outdoor usage.

Connector 10 meters nearby.

One table for the accessories- if possible.


If there are many stairs on site, please let us know in advance.

Infection prevention:

  • Only our animator can touch the machine. He/she starts the photo shooting process and only he/she can type in the e-mail addresses.  
  • We separate used accessories, and we only make them available again, if we disinfected them properly. 
  • We place hand sanitizer and disposable gloves next to all of our activities. 
  • Our animators do their work in masks and gloves only. 

Price list

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