PRINKER instantly creates temporary tattoos from almost any logo, illustration, or message. The device is connected with a tablet, where you can easily select your desired graphics. Fast, safe, and supermodern!

The activity is helped by 1, or if requested, 2 smiling animators.

Can be rented for corporate events, family days, or promotions.




We upload the logos, illustrations, and texts on a tablet.

The guest chooses the desired graphics.

A primer spray (almost like a perfume) is sprayed on the skin, to form a thin, transparent layer of plastic. 

The magic comes after that. Prinker will print the colorful graphics on the skin just under 3 seconds.

For a more lasting effect, we spray another layer of primer spray on the tattoo. 

The tattoo is waterproof, it can stay up on your skin for around 1-3 days, but you can wash it off with soap anytime.


why special

why special

Guests can choose from an unlimited number of basic colorful samples, but we can also create a limited gallery. In this gallery, there will be logos and messages specifically designed just for your event.

It takes around 3 seconds to create your tattoo, but it can stay up to 1-3 days. You can't wash it off with just water, but you can with soap.

Prinker uses dermatologically tested anti-allergenic ink.


Brand it

PRINKER can tattoo any messages, logos, or drawings on the guests.

The device prints colorful, from .png file format. We recommend contoured graphics.

The number of graphics you can choose is unlimited!

Brand it

Technical specifications

Device space requirements:

It also fits in your hand.

Activity space requirements:

We usually ask for a table or armrest, where we can put the tablet and primer spray.

Installation Time:

Approx. 30 minutes.

Electricity demand:

It runs on battery, so we don't need power. A regular wall connector is good to have, for charging spare batteries.

How many can use in 1 hour:

The device can make approx. 100 tattoos under one hour, if guests are not allowed to choose from graphics. If you would like them to be able to choose, then it is around 50 tattoos per hour, but we also have multiple devices.

Available devices:

6 pieces.

On-site regulations:

We need some light for the activity.


Be sure we consult about custom graphics in advance. There are some that we suggest, but there are also some that we specifically don't.

Price list

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