An interactive music machine that turns anyone into a DJ under two minutes! We can play in 20 musical styles by just pushing around 40 cubes. Up to 4 people can play simultaneously. One animator also helps to play. 
It can be rented for company parties, expos, festivals, or promotions. 
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MashMachine is an interactive music machine that works with the QR codes at the bottom of the cubes. As we place a cube on the glass plate, we can immediately hear its voice. It does also matter where we put them because for example on the edges the sound gets different effects and filters. There are 40 different cube sounds within a music style (10 VOCAL, 10 DRUMS, 10 BASS, 10 MELODY). The machine is controlled by our animator with a mobile application. He/she can change the music style and even record and send your own mix by e-mail there.



Everyone would like to try out MashMachine! It is based on a simple idea, yet it attracts the eyes like a magnet. Thanks to our skilled animator, guests can create their mix in a matter of seconds. The operation of the device can be explained in half a minute and even those who have nothing to do with rhythm can achieve immediate success with it. Thanks to 20 different musical styles - from rock, through techno to classical music- all age groups will find their favorite. The machine comes with a 1000W professional speaker, but you can also order it with wireless headphones. That way it can also function quietly during a performance. 



MashMachine can be branded very easily, quickly, and spectacularly! A unique print can be made around the device in just under 2 working days, which can be used free of charge later. The graphics of the cubes are also able to be changed or just be adjusted to colors. Since the device works with QR codes, we can use other objects besides the original cubes (for example: can or bottles). It happened once that we created a unique shape around the MashMachine too, nothing is impossible!

Technical specifications

Device space requirements:

0,7 x 0,7 meters.

Activity space requirements:

1,5 x 1,5 meters.

Installation time:

Approx. 30 minutes.

Electricity demand:

Simple wall connector (230 V, 200 W).

Number of devices available right now:

2 pieces.

That's how many people can use it under 1 hour:

Approx. 100-150 person.

On-site regulations:

Provide cover or tent and flat surface for outdoor usage.

Connector 10 meters nearby.

It is important, that the device is not exposed to flickering lights, as it may interfere with general operation.


We don't recommend putting the machine next to a stage or a loud speaker.

Infection Prevention:

  • The cubes can only be grabbed after hand disinfection, and we will also provide disposable gloves for every player too. 
  • Up to 2 people can play with MashMachine simultaneously.
  • Our animators do their work in masks and gloves only. 

Price list

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