SELFIE SWAP is one of the most exciting new machine of this year! AI has finally become available in the world of photo machines and it is incredibly good!!!


Selfie Swap uses AI to edit your face in place of a selected character's face in seconds. The guest chooses who they want to be from our gallery, the photo is taken and the final result is ready in about 5-10 seconds. In addition to our constantly updated gallery, you can even set unique characters! (We assume no legal responsibility for individual images.) Photos can be printed and shared digitally.

We can also project a slideshow from the pictures, which will make the whole thing even more spectacular.

IMPORTANT: A stable internet connection is required for operation. We provide the router, of course, but we need a stable 4G network on site.



AI opens up new horizons in the world of photo machines! With its help, a result can be achieved in seconds that would require several hours for a skilled graphic designer.

A huge possibility is that not only the face gallery we offer is available, but we can even include characters sent by the customer into the program! After completion, we immediately send the finished picture to the guest's phone (airdrop, qr code scan, sms, email)!

The application can be run on our smaller selfiemachine, but a 2-meter device is also available if required.

!!Soon it will also be available in video format!!

We can even create a slideshow from the images, which will immediately appear on a screen next to the activity, so guests can see in advance what to expect.


Selfie Swap offers plenty of branding opportunities. A unique frame or logo can be placed on the photos, and the text of the email can also be customized. There is no extra cost for these changes.

If someone wants more than that, the Selfie Swap cover can be spectacularly branded - either for Pro or XL!

The completed images can even be displayed as a slideshow on a display, which also adds to the overall picture due to the branded frame.



Currently, artificial intelligence can only transform one person's face within a single image. So, while it takes stunning individual photos, it's not great for editing group photos.

A stable internet connection is required for operation. The router will of course be provided, but it must be available on a stable 4G network on site.


Device space requirements:

0,5 x 0,5 meter.

Activity space requirements:

1,5 x 1,5 meters.

Installation time:

About 45 minutes. We typically arrive at the event one hour earlier.

Electricity demand:

Simple wall connector (230V, 200W) but it can also be operated with battery.

How many can use in 1 hour:

About 50-60 photos can be taken. The program can only work with one face at a time.

Available devices:

4 pieces.

On-site regulations:

Providing a cover or a tent in the case of an open space.

Price list

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