Paint my Event is a community painting activity, where we will paint a pre-discussed picture with the help of the guests. Our colleague guides the drawing from behind with a laser pointer. Anyone can participate in the drawing process, even for just one brush stroke!


The 150x100 plexiglass is attached to a stand and the final work will be completed on it - with the help of the guests!

Our colleague helps the creation process all the way from the moment he hands the interested guests the appropriate colored felt / paint and shows from the back where to draw with the help of a laser pointer. If the location requires it, we also provide a microport, which will ensure that the instructions reach the other side of the board.

You can participate in the process of creation even for just a moment but you can also get into it more seriously. A painting is completed in roughly 4-6 hours, depending on the number of guests and their involvement.

What we will paint is up to you: 2-3 weeks before the event, based on the customer's request our colleague will prepare a sketch for you.



 This is an especially unique program and there's a very high chance that you have never seen anything like that in this country - or even on this continent!

In addition to being very spectacular the joint-creation also has an extraordinary team-building power.

A special addition is that the completed work can might be kept by the customer so it can be displayed in your office or it can even be donated to a charity.

If required, a timelapse video of the entire process can be made which would be a great digital content for future generations.


Even if branding is not possible in it's classical sense, the theme and colour scheme of the painting can of course can be connected to your company.

The timelapse video created during the creation process is a great content for social media platforms.


Technical Specifications

Device space requirements:

1,5 x 1 meter. 

Activity space requirements:

2 x 2 meters.


Installation time:

30 minutes. We usually 1 hour before the start of our operation.


Electricity demand:

It can be operated without elecricity.


How many can use in 1 hour:

Up to 50-60 people, depending on the activity of the guests.


Devices available:

1 piece.


On-site regulations:

Provide cover or tent if placed outside. It is important to have some light or lighting at the event!


Price list

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