40 cm tall, superstrong combat robots fight in a 1,5 diameter ring! We can control the robots with wireless controllers - just like in Mortal Kombat! The status of the match can be shown on TV! One round takes about 2-3 minutes.

It can be rented for IT conferences, corporate events, and family days!


Works like this

Robot Fighting League is an outstanding event activity, with the world's most powerful combat robots. 

The guests can control the robots with wireless remote controls. After a short tutorial and one minute of practice, they can immediately face each other and find out who is the strongest.

The robots compete with each other in a 1,5 diameter, custom-developed ring.



Why special

Why special

Robot fighting is quite fashionable in America or Asia, but in Hungary, it is only available with us!

We've brought the world's most powerful combat robots into a ring for guests to try out at an event. This program is not enjoyable just for the players, but also very spectacular for other guests too. It is almost guaranteed, that many people will gather around this robot ring regardless of what kind of event we are at. 

This is a curiosity, that no one has likely encountered before.

We especially recommend it to IT themed events. 



The inner and outer walls of the ring provide a super surface for any logos or messages.


NEW: Exoskeleton Controllers!

NEW: Exoskeleton Controllers!

We've only seen this in movies so far!

Robot Fighting League can now be ordered with a special controller, which, when placed on the player follows his movements in real time. In short form, if the player imitates a punch with his right hand, the robot will also do the same!

Technical specifications

Device space requirements:

The ring's diameter is 1,5 meters long.

Activity space requirements:

We recommend having at least 2,5-2,5 meters of free space for the activity.

Installation time:

Approx. 1 hour. Usually, we arrive 1,5-2 hours before the event.

Number of staff:

The activity involves 2-3 technical staff, who supervise the game and repair the robots if necessary. 

Electricity demand:

We need at least 1, but rather 2-3 simple wall connectors (230V, 200W) near the activity.

How many can use in 1 hour:

Approx. 30 people can play with it in one hour.

Available devices:

We have 5 robots currently, but they are all needed because sometimes they need a little maintenance during the activity.

On-site regulations:

Provide cover or tent for outdoor usage.

We need a flat surface, to be able to put down the ring.

In addition to the activity, we need an assembly table, where our colleagues can repair the damaged robots:)


The servomotors of the robots can overheat after a while, so we have to take a 20-30 minute technical break every 2 hours.

Price list

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