You can quickly and easily create unique Instagram/Facebook content with Selfie Slider, which of course can be branded too. The camera slides on a rail track, so it is guaranteed that the end result will look spectacular. Unfortunately, we can't provide physical paper printing for this activity. 

Rent it for your event, if you only have a small place available but you would like to have some kind of photo activities. 




Basically, SELFIE SLIDER means a stand-mounted 11" IPad Pro, which when pressed by a button, slides along a semicircular path and then automatically returns to its starting position. Following that, the software does the editing and puts on the previously discussed graphic elements too.

The finished gif/video will be sent by e-mail to the guests immediately. Of course, you can also edit the content of the e-mail. 

Although the activity is simple, we always provide a staff member with it.

 why special

why special

With Selfie Slider we can create similar content just like we could with Bulett Time camera, but it works in a much simpler way. In addition, it has fewer space requirements and a more favorable price tag.

Videos can also be made in Instagram Story size and we can also add music to them. The finished contents can reach guests through personalized SMS texts or branded e-mails. The device requires a small space and looks quite decorative too. 


Selfie Slider can be branded very easily, quickly, and spectacularly! You can create a custom print for your device in up to 3 business days, and it can be consistent with your Ipad's home screen too.

The finished gifs/videos will get a branded frame, and of course, the e-mail/sms can be personalized too. 



Device space requirements:

0,5 x 1 meters.

Activity space requirements:

1,5 x 1 meters ( 2 x 2 meters with background).

Installation time:

45 minutes.

Electricity demand:

Simple wall connector (230 V, 200W).

How many can use in 1 hour:

Approx. 50 people.

Available devices:

1 piece.

On-site regulations:

Provide cover or tent for outdoor usage.

Connector 10 meters nearby.


Please, let us know in advance if we will be in a dark place because we should provide additional lights then.

Price list

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