Mindflex Duel measures the intensity of our brain waves using sensors attached to our forehead and ears. The operation of the game is based on EEG biofeedback technology.

1or 2 players can play the game.

1 animator also helps the activity. 

Can be rented for both adult and children's events, for company parties, exhibitions or family days.



When we relax or heavily focus on something, we generate different types of brain waves.

As soon as Mindflex headband (which is placed on our forehead) detect brain waves, it sends a signal to the fan inside the console. This fan controls the floatation of the ball, and brain waves affect the strength of the fan. The more we concentrate, the stronger the fan will blow and the higher our ball will get.

By loosening our minds, the airflow generated by the fan also weakens, so the ball will also float lower.




Mindflex is a low-budget activity, yet it is a great success at every event.

Everyone wants to test their concentration skills and after a few minutes of practice, even skeptics will admit that the ball can really be controlled with a little serious concentration. 

We strongly recommend it for team builders, corporate parties. Huge battles can be fought with Mindflex.



Only one device can be operated at the same location, as interference between headsets can cause problems. If multiple devices are ordered be sure to provide a separate location for each device in order to ensure a smooth gaming experience.


Technical specifications

Activity space requirements:

An armrest is required for functioning. 

Installation time:

Approx. 10-15 minutes. We usually arrive 45 minutes before the event starts.

Electricity demand:


How many can use in 1 hour:

Approx. 30 people. We have multiple devices, so even more guests can participate in the game.

Available devices:

5 pieces.

On-site regulations:

All we need is an armrest for the activity to work. 

If it is placed outdoors, high wind can cause problems.


Only one device can be operated at the same location, because they can interfere with each other's signals.

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