It automatically prints images uploaded to Instagram based on #HASHTAGs. Unlimited photo printing!

A public Instagram profile is required to view images.

We recommend renting it for events where there is no space for a dedicated photo corner or too many guests are expected.



Works like this

Guests should upload their desired images to their own Instagram, and mark the hashtag communicated at the event below the picture. The branded frame is immediately added and the device immediately prints the photo on a 10x15 cm sized glossy photo paper. It's that simple:)


Works like this
Why special

Why special

Everyone loves to take home a printed photo with themselves, there is no simpler way than Hashtag Printer. 

You don't need a photo wall or accessories, so it can fit into a much smaller place.

There is no queuing, everyone uploads the photo that they want to be printed out. After that, they just have to take over the finished image.


Brand it

You can add a custom frame or logo to your photos.

If someone wants more than that, we are happy to also customize the housing of the device!


Brand it

Technical specifications

Device space requirements:

0,5 x 0,5 meters.

Activity space requirements:

0,5 x 0,5 meters.

Installation time:

Approx. 30 minutes.

Electricity demand:

Simple wall connector (230 V, 200W).

Number devices available right now:

3 pieces.

That's how much you can use in 1 hour:

200-300 photos can be printed out.

On-site regulations:

Provide cover or tent for outdoor usage.

Connector 10 meters nearby.


A public Instagram profile is required for the photos to appear.

Infection prevention:

  • There is no posing in front of a photo wall, it is enough to mark the specified hashtag on Instagram and the photos can be printed out.
  • We place hand sanitizer and disposable gloves next to all of our activities. 
  • Our animators do their work in masks and gloves only. 

Price list

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