ICAROS is a revolutionary new entertainment and sports device, that offers a feeling of free flight through virtual reality.

The activity is supported by 2 people.

Rent it for corporate events, family days, exhibitions, and expos! 



The game can be controlled completely by balancing your own weight. Every muscle starts moving, a real virtual workout experience! The difficulty of the game and ICAROS can be adjusted, so even beginners can easily achieve some success and experienced pilots can improve continuously. We especially recommend it for innovative and high-quality appearances and promotions.

Even the guests, who are not currently playing the game can enjoy it because they can follow the events live on the screen. There is a possibility in the game, to earn and calculate your points, so even a quiz or a tournament can be organized. If you rent more than one machine, the multiplayer mode can be activated too.

The devices are carefully disinfected after every player.




ICAROS is not just a spectacular activity, but it provides an experience for those who try it, that they certainly haven't had before!

There are 3 different game environments to choose from, so anyone who may have tried it already will probably have something new in this game.

By recording the results, we can even run a house tournament or a prize game.


The device can be branded: a sticker can be placed on the device itself, on the VR glasses, or on the screen where those who are interested can follow the game.



Technical specifications

Device space requirements:

Minimum 1,5 x 2,5 meters.

Installation time:

Approx. 1 hour. We usually arrive 1,5 hours before the event.

Electricity demand:

Simple wall connector (230V, 200W).

How many can use in 1 hour:

Approx. 15-20 people can use one device in one hour, but 2 devices can be rented too.

Available devices:

1 piece.

On-site regulations:

Flat surface and rain protected place should be provided for outdoor usage.


We disinfect carefully after every player.

Player's minimum height: 150cm

Player's maximum height: 200cm

Player's maximum weight: 110kg

Price list

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