SELFIE DROID is taking photos or GIFs while cruising around the guests. Images will be branded immediately and can be printed out or shared by e-mail or SMS. A new stuff, that no one has come across in Hungary so far! 

It can be rented for conferences, exhibitions, corporate parties, or even promotions too!



How does it work?

Our animator guides the robot to the guests from a decent distance using an application. Then the robot asks the guests if they would like to have a photo. If the answer is yes, it takes one. After that, it will add the previously discussed logo or frame to the images. The finished photo can be printed out unlimitedly, and also be shared by e-mail or SMS. A few seconds later the robot will move to the next guests.


Why is it special?

Why is it special?

You can't find anywhere else! This is the only remotable camera in Central-Europe that can print, and also put logos on your image.

Selfie Droid is where the party is: it's fast and agile, so it can even go to the dance floor to take photos.

The robot's face can be adapted to the event's image. You can also put event-specific messages there, so it can also help to "control the crowd" by helping to coordinate them. These messages can be changed real-time from its control application

Thanks to its professional lighting and high-sensitivity camera it can also make excellent quality photos under dark light conditions. 

It prints out photos immediately, and in an unlimited quantity. Photos can be shared by e-mail and SMS too. 



The robot can be branded quickly and easily! We take care of the production and installation.

Our base renting package includes photo branding, and also the coloring of the robot's face.

If you want, we can also put stickers on one, or on all sides of the robot. Not to mention the fact, that we can also brand the whole robot. 




The Droid's wheels are sensitive to uneven surfaces. For optimal operation, flat ground is required on site.

Technical specifications

Device space requirements:

Approx. 0,5 x 0,5 meters, but since it is constantly in motion it does not matter that much.

Activity space requirements:

It has no specific space requirements.

Installation time:

Approx. 45 minutes.

Electricity demand:

The device runs on battery power, but a simple wall connector is good to have close. 

How many can use in 1 hour:

Approx. 50-60 photos can be made in one hour. So it can reach up to 100-200 people under one hour. 

Available devices:

1 piece.

On-site regulations:

The robot needs a relatively flat surface (tent flooring is perfect, but it can't move on grass).

The robot cannot climb stairs. It is possible for us, to bring it up sometimes, but it does not "look too good" in our opinion. 


As soon as guests endanger the safety of the robot, we will leave from the event.

Price list

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