SELFIE CRUISER is a mobile photo booth that allows you to move freely throughout the event, so you can always be where the biggest action is! A great tool if you want to generate traffix to your stand!

In addition, images can also be printed, not just shared digitally. Scroll down and we'll tell you how!



Selfie Cruiser runs on batteries and is held by our animator throughout the whole event. Our colleague walks along the previously discussed routes and encourages the participants of the event to take photos. The completed photos and boomerangs are branded and can be immediately shared digitally. Of course, printing is also possible.

There are two options for printing: 1. Our colleague kindly guides the guests to your stand, where they can select their own photo on an iPad, which they can print immediately (one picture takes about 8-10 seconds). 2. With a battery-operated printer, we immediately print the picture where it was taken (one picture takes about 50-60 seconds).

The final photos are immediately uploaded to a private online gallery, so the customer has immediate access to them.



This is the first photo activity that allows you to take and print branded photos/boomerangs even in front of the main stage of a festival.

If the photos can only be collected at a specific location, we can easily generate traffic to your stand (e.g. at a festival, or at an expo). The pictures/boomerangs are immediately uploaded to a cloud, so they appear immediately on the screen of the b iPad, so guests can immediately share them.

Thanks to the high-sensitivity camera of the latest iPad Pro and the professional ambient lighting, surprisingly high-quality photos/gifs/boomerangs can be taken with it.



We can put a unique frame or logo on the photos, but we can also create unique stickers and digital accessories, which guests can choose on the screen. Of course, the home screen and the text of the e-mail can also be customized. There is no extra cost for these changes.



Device space requirements:

It is constantly in motion so it is irrelevant. An iPad stand and a photo printer can be placed on the stand as an option. For this, approx. a space of 1 x 0,5 m is required.

Activity space requirements:

It does not have an exact space requirement. The animator is always in motion. An iPad stand and a photo printer can be placed on the stand as an option. For this approx. a space of 1 x 0,5m is required.

Installation time:

It is not necessary, the device is delivered ready to start. If both the "sharing station" and the printer are ordered, it will take about 1,5-2 hours.

Electricity demand:

The device runs on battery, we need a simple power source (230V) for the "sharing station" and the printer.

How many can use in 1 hour:

Up to 40-50 photos can be taken in an hour. In the case of a battery-powered printer, the process is a little slower.

Available devices:

3 pieces.

On-site regulations:

For online sharing and the "sharing station" we need a strong wi-fi connection.

Price list

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