The first photo machine has arrived, which uses augmented reality to allow us to pose with worlds stars, fairy-tale heroes or the faces of the given brand! The characters move as if they were right there with us.



The device itself has a 49" touch screen, a special camera and a lightning-fast photo printer. On the screen, the guests can choose who or whom they would like to take a photo with (up to 10 characters can be set up, but they can choose from a maximum of 5 at a time). The characters pose next to the guest, as if they were there too.

After the picture is taken, the chosen characters will leave the picture and the guest will be able to print it out, and of course, can send it to themselves digitally.

The final photos are immediately uploaded to an onine private gallery, so the customer has immediate access to them.

There is also 1 animator with the activity who helps with the process.


IMPORTANT: Unlike our other activities Selfie AR is not immediately ready. Some preparations are necessary: if there are no suitable video materials available about the desired characters, they must be recorded first in a studio. We can help in this process as well of course.

The other option is to buy the desired content from a stock side, but this is mostly only possible for drawn characters. This will be followed by some programming and video editing.

3 weeks is needed for this process.



In Selfie AR the most advanced software and hardware technology meets and shows something that will make eveyone's jaw drop! A great choice for a festival, expo, promotional roadshow or anywhere where it is important to stand out from the crowd or to show something that no one has ever seen before!

If required, it can be ordered with greenbox too, where the background can be changed digitally. We can also record videos, where the guests can move together with the desired AR characters.

The 49" touch screen and the wide-angle camera recording at 60 fps ensure a perfect "tear-free" experience and our photo printer can print a 10x15cm image in about 8 seconds.


Device space requirements:

1 x 2 meters.

Activity space requirements:

2 x 3 meters.

Installation time:

Approx. 1 hour.

Electricity demand:

Simple wall connector (230V).

How many can use in 1 hour:

Approx. 30 photos can be made. One photo can fit up to 10 people.

Devices available:

1 piece.

On-site regulations:

Provide cover or tent for outdoor usage.

Connector 10 meters nearby.

One table for the accessories - if possible


If there are many stairs on site, please let us know in advance.


Price list

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